Wealth Management

We offer comprehensive holistic wealth management services focused on wealth preservation for generations to follow. Our investment philosophy incorporates many of the principles of “Modern Portfolio Theory.” This theory has been thoroughly researched and supported for decades by leading financial academics, including several Nobel Prize winners. The investment management strategy is based on several fundamentals, including:

The importance of asset allocation
The theory states that the construction of an investment portfolio as a whole is more important than individual security selection. The appropriate investment allocation across asset classes (e.g., stocks, bonds, cash) will have far more influence on long-term portfolio results than the selection of individual securities.

Long-term investing
Investing for the long-term, preferably longer than ten years, becomes critical to investment success because it allows the long-term characteristics of the asset classes to surface.

Evaluating portfolio risk
Risk is the uncertainty regarding future returns (or losses) on an investment. Risk is a critical component of investing and creating portfolios. The theory states that investment portfolios can be created and tailored to a level of expected risk. Over long periods of time, there is a relationship between the level of risk assumed and the return that can be expected in an investment program.

Benefits of diversification
The level of risk can be reduced by increasing the diversification (types and number of securities) in a portfolio without significantly changing the portfolio’s overall expected return.

Asset location
Matching investments with different tax treatments and available account types can result in more favorable after-tax returns (e.g., some investments are better held in a taxable account while others best held in a tax deferred account like an IRA).

Expenses matter
Investment costs are inevitable, but minimization of investment costs and taxes can enhance long-term performance.

Based upon this underlying investment philosophy, we create a customized investment strategy for each client following a systematic process refined over the past twenty years. Watch this short video to learn more about our Nobel Prize-winning research-based investment approach.